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Solar Water Heating

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The average household needs the equivalent of 3000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy per year to provide all of its hot water. Energy from daylight can provide at least 900 kW/h per square metre of roof per year.
By tilting a surface to an angle the amount of solar radiation falling on it will be greater than that falling on a flat surface in this country.
Fortunately, the average tilt of a UK house roof is about the optimum for receiving solar energy in the UK.

Solar Thermal has been the most popular Renewable Energy in the UK, with an estimated 100,000 systems installed and in use. It is ideal for domestic, commercial and leisure markets where a regular demand of hot water exists.
Our Solar Thermal installations have been proven to provide up to 70% of a property’s year-round hot water demand. You will benefit from lower fuel bills for the entire 25 year expected lifespan of the system, while also reducing your Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Emissions. They can work with all kinds of boilers including Combination boilers.

Our Solar collectors utilise selective-coated technology to maximise efficiency; you no longer need a bright sunny day to get performance from a Solar Thermal system.

Solar water heating systems use heat from the sun to work alongside your conventional water heater. The technology is well developed with a large choice of equipment to suit many applications.
Solar water heating panels or solar collectors are completely different to solar photovoltaic panels. In a solar water heating system, water runs through pipes in the solar collector, and is heated up by the sun. A solar water heating system will only produce hot water, work usually takes place on the roof and in the loft space with some changes to the existing plumbing.

What best suits your needs depends on a range of factors, including the area of south facing roof, the existing water heating system (e.g. some combi boilers aren't suitable) and your budget.

There are three main types of solar collector, which can be used in Active Solar Heating systems.

Evacuated tubes
Flat plate collectors
Unglazed plastic collectors

Evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors are used for Active solar Heating systems for houses and other types of buildings.
The less expensive unglazed plastic type of collector is used exclusively for outdoor swimming pools where lower water temperatures are required.

Is My Property Suitable?

Preferably you will need 2-4m2 of southeast to southwest facing roof receiving direct sunlight for the main part of the day. You'll also need space to locate an additional water cylinder if required.

Our thermal solar systems heat water in a hot water cylinder, which is stored ready for use. If you have an existing hot-water cylinder we will upgrade it to a twin-coil high-efficiency model. These are made to measure for every installation. If you do not have a hot water cylinder we will install one, to a cupboard, garage, loft or other suitable location. Your existing boiler is connected to the upper coil to allow you to boost the temperature if required.

The SolarShop works independently from any particular supplier. Through our associates, specialist consultants and installers throughout the country we can recommend the most efficient Solar System to suit your property.

We can also design thermal systems to assist Under-floor Heating and for heating Swimming Pools.

We can also offer a superb range of Solar Water Heating DIY Kits with full installation details.


Mini Solar Water Heaters are an ideal solution for solar water heating if roof space isnt available to install a large solar water heater, Mini solar water heaters can be installed on balconies or underneath windowsills or as they are freesstanding even on the patio ! A mini solar water heater is capable of warming up water passing through it in sunny conditions reasonably quickly providing pipe and cylinder insulation is good, warmer water heated by the sun in your hot water cylinder equals less work for your boiler or electric immersion heater meaning big savings over time on your electric/gas bill,they can also be linked together in series for higher temperatures if required for even greater savings.

A well designed system using any good quality collector (i.e. evacuated tube, selective surface flat plate or non-selective surface flat plate) can provide a significant contribution to a householder's hot water requirement.

Solar water heating can be used in the home or for larger applications, such as swimming pools.


Around 6% of the total national delivered energy use in the UK is accounted for by domestic water heating.

An average late-20th century 3 bedroom semi is responsible for emitting around 4200 kg of CO2 per year. Hot water is responsible for 864 kg of that total.

Systems for outdoor swimming pools using the relatively inexpensive unglazed collectors can be particularly cost effective.



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