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Free Hot Water From The SUN

SolarShop supplies an excellent range of PV Solar Water Heaters with hard wired and wireless options for On Grid or Off Grid systems, domestic or commercial applications. Trade and Commercial PV Water Heating Solutions.

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Solar Water Heating

Free Hot Water From The SUN

The next-generation PV Solar Water Heating Systems will reduce an average household’s energy bill by up to £250 per year. This is done by diverting microgen - generated electricity directly to an immersion heater, storage heater, and/or electric underfloor heating. This helps users to significantly reduce their utility bills, lower mains reliance and improve the eco credentials of their property.

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SOLiC 200 Solar immersion controller|British Made
SOLiC 200 Wireless Solar immersion controller | British Made
Solar iBoost Plus Immersion Controller and iBoost Buddy
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ImmerSun Solar Water Heater
eddi PV Solar Energy Diverter
Apollo GEM-C PV Wireless Water Heater
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Apol loGEM PV Immersion & Appliance Control System

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