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Solar Powered Ventilation

SolarShop supplies an excellent range of Solar Powered Ventilation Products, including a Solar Ventilation and Heating Panel for a better flow of air and Solar Fans for Air Ventilation or Extraction. Retail, Trade and Commercial Solar Ventilation Solutions.

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Solar Powered Ventilation

Solar Powered Ventilation and Dehimidification.

Frequently we need ventilation in hard-to-reach places where access to mains power would require a complex and expensive installation. Locations as varied as boats, greenhouses, stables, sheds, conservatories, caravans and many others all benefit from improved ventilation creating a more pleasant and controlled atmosphere. Our flexible range of Solar Vents offer a simple and easily installed solar fans that will extract excess humidity and reduce condensation. Solar Vents with battery allows the Ventilator to be used at night or in poor weather.

On a larger scale our Solar Energy Panel and the SolarVenti provide a free flow of air for heating and ventilation which means, less moisture, reducing the risk of mold growth and decay significantly. Now you can get a better indoor climate without any extra energy cost because your Solar Energy Panel uses energy from the Sun.

Solar Energy Panel
Solar Ventilation Fans

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