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Solar Vent - Extraction Fan - with Rechargeable Battery SVT 224S

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Deluxe low profile Solar powered fan ventilator in stainless steel finish, designed for domestic, marine or caravan use, these can be mounted on metal, glass, fibreglass, or brick surfaces. They ventilate and extract heat and odours and are great for use in conservatories, bathrooms, greenhouses, boats, sheds etc. Great for summertime use but they can also be used during the winter months to help extract damp air.

Solar powered ventilation and extraction fan.

Price £88.78 inc UK mainland delivery

    Ventilator Details:

  • Size is 215mm x 36mm high
  • Ventilator is constructed within a weather and water resistant low profile stainless steel housing for protection.
  • Hole cutout size needs to be between 116mm and 120mm max
  • Ventilator is fitted with an integral on/off switch
  • Rechargeable battery for night use if required
  • When switched off the fitted solar panel will continue to charge the battery whenever its sunny or fair weather
  • The battery will also charge whilst the unit is running in sunny weather increasing the running time massively
  • One of the best solar ventilators on the market today
  • Powerful monocrystalline cells help to keep the fan running and charge the battery even in fairly cloudy conditions making it great for year round use and ideal for solar ventilation purposes
  • Extraction rate for this solar ventilator is 850 Cubic feet per hour or 24 Cubic metres per hr
  • Supplied as standard with a fitted exhaust fan blade these are also supplied with an intake fan blade in case you wish to draw air into the building rather than extract it
  • Comes with fitting instructions
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