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Solar Wall Ventilator or Extraction Fan with separate solar panel.

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Wall mountable White Solar powered fan ventilator model SWF-102, these solar ventilators can be mounted on brick or wooden outside walls, they gently ventilate and extract heat and odours and are great for use in kitchens, conservatories, bathrooms, offices, sheds etc etc, they are great for summertime use but are very useful during the winter months also as they help extract damp air and minimise damp conditions, this solar ventilator is constructed within a weather and water resistant Abs plastic housing for protection.
Solar Powered Ventilation.

Price £86.00 inc UK mainland delivery

Wall Ventilator Details:

The unit measures approx 210mm x 240mm, holes are provided in all four corners for easy attachment to your wall, the vent duct on the rear protrudes by approx 57mm and is approx 110mm wide so the hole cutout size in your wall needs to be approx 110mm wide for the rear vent duct to fit snugly into it. These solar ventilators are fully automatic so will start ventilating whenever it is bright or sunny conditions, great for year round use and ideal for solar ventilation. The extraction rate for this unit is approx 2100 Cubic feet per hour or 60 Cubic metres per hr and are also supplied with an intake fan blade which is easily changeable in case you wish to draw air into the building rather than extract it. The seperate solar panel and wall mount is wired with approx 5m of cabling hardwired to the ventilator meaning the ventilator itself does not have to be placed in a sunny position, providing the solar panel is placed in a sunny position it will still ventilate perfectly. These solar ventilators are not suitable for use in roofs.

Please note that these units are not supplied with a vent plate to fit on the interior wall and the solar cell configuration on the wall mounted solar panel may differ from batch to batch.

In line with our policy of continuous product improvement, SolarShop reserves the right to change, vary or alter the product specification without prior notification.

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