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Solar Ventilation with Solar Panel and 12cm Fan Kit

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9V 250mah resin monocrystalline Solar Panel approx 225mm x 150mm and 12cm fan kit,Ideal for providing gentle to moderate solar ventilation in stables, greenhouses, summerhouses, conservatories etc. Easy to use, simply place the panel in a sunny position, connect to the fan and when its sunny the fan will spin and ventilate the room. Easy to install, the solar panel can be fixed into position using either glue or velcro and the fan has fixing holes in all four corners for easy fixing to walls if required. The Solar panel is fitted with 3 metres of cabling which can be easily extended if required and a terminal block is also provided for connecting to the fans cabling.

Hi Power solar panel and 12cm fan kit for solar ventilation.

Price £44.38 inc UK mainland delivery


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