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The Solar Fridge Fan is specifically designed to help vent hot air away from the rear of fridges in caravans, motorhomes and boats. These fridge Solar Fans are designed to be mounted underneath the worktop at the rear of the fridge or on a side wall, if a vent is made then the hot air can be extracted directly outside otherwise it can be mounted in such a way so that any hot air is circulated throughout the caravan. The solar panel can be either mounted outside or placed in the window, whenever it is sunny or bright weather the fan will then spin and start venting hot air away from the rear of the fridge, when a fridge starts to overheat externally through its internal cooling process it gets to a point whereby it can no longer cool efficiently, this is especially true if the fridge is mounted in an enclosed area as they often are, drawing the hot air away from the rear of it will help it keep food and drink much much colder and of course with a solar fridge fan its all done automatically, whenever its sunny or bright weather the solar panel will power the fan and help the fridge to remain cool enabling it to chill much more efficiently.

Deluxe 3 watt fan kit with solar panel for ventilation.

Price £49.95 inc UK mainland delivery


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