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The XL250 SOLAR Energy Panel provides a free flow of air for heating and ventilation which means, less moisture, reducing the risk of mold growth and decay significantly. Now you can get a better indoor climate without any extra energy cost because your energy panel uses energy from the SUN.

XL250 Energy Panel

Model XL 250
Perfect to the smaller rooms such as workshop, garage, garden or play house.

£399.90 Cost includes shipping to UK Mainland Only.

Model XL 250
New model with optimized heating power. No operating cost and easy to install. Incl. pipe and thermostat, diffuser. Provides dry and comfortable indoor climate and reduce moisture and humidity when it is used.
Covers up to 90 m 3 – buildings
Size 6 × 55 × 90 cm

System Data XL 250:
Performance: Up to 250 Watt
Footprint absorber: 0.50 m 2
Space coverage: 90 m³
Electronically controlled Fan: up to 35 m³ / h
Can be mounted on walls and roof.
Air intake: can be regulated
Hardened glass
Frame : Aluminium with welded corners.
Fan secured against overload.
Equipped with congestion security.
Frame: Xtra hardened surface structure (black).

Exterior width: 55 cm Exterior height: 90 cm Wall mounting kit included.

All our Solar Energy Panels can be used as supplementary heating in the autumn and spring in your home for improved air quality. While the sun heats the energy panel, the electric panel operates a small fan which distributes the air through a pipe into your building and controlled by an adjustable thermostat. The benefits from our concept are a better indoor climate, air exchange, less moisture, and a reduced risk of contracting mould.

Solar Energy Panel

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