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Solar Ventilation - Hi Power solar panel with Double12cm fan kit.

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High power 18v550mah Alloy framed weatherproof Solar panel and twin 12 cm fan kit. Ideal for providing powerful ventilation and helping to prevent damp in basements, sheds, garages, greenhouses etc. Simple to use, just connect both fans to the solar panel and whenever its fairly sunny the fan will work automatically, extraction at full speed is approx 60cf/m or 3600 cf/h per fan. Mounting holes are provided on the rear of the panel for easy mounting to any flat surface if required, the fans have fixing holes in all four corners for easy fixing to walls or they can of course be fitted into large tubes or air vents. The panel is fitted with 5 metres of cabling and terminal blocks and an extra 5m of cabling is also provided to connect to the fans, these can be used close to each other for twin fan extraction or they could be fitted at opposite ends of the room so that one draws air into the room whilst the other extracts it, this helps to keep a constant flow of air moving through the room. They are great for a multitude of uses such as moving hot air out of a greenhouse or conservatory, moving hot air from a loft space to spread through the rest of the house, removing damp air from basements, keeping airflow moving through little used hiliday properties etc.

Hi Power solar panel and Double 14cm fan kit for solar ventilation.

Price £89.95 inc UK mainland delivery


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