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Solar Ventilation,Extraction and Dehumidification Fans

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Frequently we need ventilation in hard-to-reach places where access to mains power would require a complex and expensive installation. Locations as varied as boats, greenhouses, stables, sheds, conservatories, caravans and many others all benefit from improved ventilation creating a more pleasant and controlled atmosphere. Our flexible range of SolarVents offer a simple and easily installed solar ventilation system that will extract excess humidity and reduce condensation. Our SolarVents with battery allows the Ventilator to be used at night or in poor weather.

Solar Energy Panel



"NEW" Introduction Offer Solar Energy Panel for dehumidification, ventilation, heating.

Reduces the humidity and the risk of mold formation, with Automatic regulation of air and heat supply and 100% cost free.
High quality construction and finish, easy to install and comes with 24 Months Warranty.

Energy panels are suitable for homes, log homes, chalets, mountain huts, garden homes, basements,
garages and workshops .

Our smallest solar ventilator.
Solar ventilation and extraction.
Solar Ventilation and extraction

SolarVent GM712 £39.90

Solar Vents
Solar powered Ventilation.
Solar Ventilation.
Ventilation when the sun comes out.
solar vents

**NEW** 12cm Double Solar Fan £89.95

14cm Double fan kit.
Solar Ventilation and extraction fans.
Solar Ventilation and extraction fans.
**NEW** 14cm Double fan kit. £99.95

Solar Wall Vent 103 White with battery back up. £89.98

Solar Wall Ventilator with separate solar panel.
Solar wall Ventilator with battery back up and separate solar panel.
Solar powered fridge fan.
Solar Wall Ventilator 102 with separate solar panel. £86.00
Solar Wall Ventilator 104 with separate solar panel and Battery back up. £96.00


Solar Fridge Fan £49.95


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Dear Solarshop ,,

The two solar fans arrived today thank you . I have fitted one of them to try out .. very good better than two I bought from screwfix which failed .


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