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In optimal conditions i.e. facing south and tilted at an angle of 30degrees to the horizontal, a typical 2 kWp domestic PV system in the UK will generate 1500 kWh per annum. 1kWh is equivalent to 1 unit of electricity on your electricity bill.

If every suitable roof in the UK was fitted with solar PV the energy generated could exceed the nation's current electricity demand.


Solar Powered Electric

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With huge environmental issues and rising energy prices, more and more people are learning the benefits of installing a Solar Panels to create their own energy directly from the Sun.

Join the thousands of UK households installing Solar Panels.

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How does the feed in tariff work.

How Do Solar Electric Panels Work

Solar is a fantastic investment! , tax free, inflation linked!

Save ££££s Every Year with Solar Panels and help the Environment.

Solar electric panels at work.
Solar PV electric panels at work.

Solar for commercial and Industrial buildings


Excellent Container prices from 40p/W

250W Silver Poly 50kW Kits

4kW Solar Grid Connect Kits

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Industrial Panels

Industrial and office units usually have large roof areas ideal to take advantage of solar panel installations.


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