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Solar Lighting Kit with LED Bulbs

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Solar lighting addresses the problem of illuminating remote areas where no mains power exists.

Solar Mate 3LED is a lighting kit in a box! Where mains quality lighting is needed in remote locations, such as workshops, stables, summer houses, garden offices, garages, sheds etc Solar Mate is the answer.

Solar Mate3LED will illuminate an area of 48sq metres for up to 8 hours per day. Exempt from Part P of the Building regulations, Solar Mate can be easily and safely installed by anyone.
Solar Mate’s solar panel will collect enough energy during the course of the day (even in Britain) to power its bulb for up to 8 hours per day.
Solar Mate has a 10 year warranty so will easily pay back its investment many times.

Solar Light Kit

Price £197.95 inc U.K. mainland delivery only.

The kit has a 10 year warranty excluding the bulb which has a 3000 hour life cycle.

The solar panel has a 35 year life expectancy.

Panel Size – 638 x 278 x 25mm
Weight – 3.0kgs

SolarMate3 lighting kit with LED's.

SolarMate 3 with 4 LED bulbs.


The SolarMate 3LEd is supplied with an 18 watt crystalline solar panel, charge controller, roof or wall fixing kit, four 2.6w Pineapple LED Bulbs (235Lm) 12 volt energy saving bulbs (40w brightness equivalent ), one wall switch, 7 meters of cable, connectors, fuses and detailed instructions. There are no special tools needed and the solar system takes around 1 ½ hours to install.

A battery is required and is not supplied – Just add a car or caravan battery to complete the installation and get free electricity from solar power. A 75 or 85 Ah car / caravan battery is recommended, available from most motoring / caravanning shops.

Deep Cycle Solar Batteries

Our sealed, deep cycle batteries have an exceptional charge / discharge performance.

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