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Solar Lighting and Power kit.

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The all new Solar Hub 16 provides easy fit lighting and power for remote buildings, stables, workshops, sheds, garages, in fact anywhere there is no grid connection!
Using a high efficiency solar panel, an advanced lithium battery hub and super bright 300lumen output LED strip the Solar Hub I6 kit is enough to illuminate a workshop or stable of 4m x 4m for up to 6 hours every night of the year. 12v and 5v output sockets allow multiple devices to be powered or charged. Totally plug and play, the complete system takes no more than a few minutes to set up and no special wiring knowledge or tools are needed.
Each system is fully expandable so if more light is needed just add an expansion pack.

Price £119.95 inc U.K. mainland delivery only.


Hub 1 solar lighting kit with LED strip..

All parts just plug together in a moment and its ready to use.
SolarHub I6 contains a single LED strip giving an impressive 300 lumen brightness which is enough to illuminate a 4m x 4m room.
SolarHub I6 contains four LED strips and interconnection cables enabling a much larger room to be illuminated of a up to four rooms. Ideal for stable blocks etc.
If more light is needed each SolarHub kit can be expanded. Both SolarHub Expansion kits include a solar panel that can be daisy chained to the original panel in and the LED strip/s daisy chained to the LED/s. SolarHub I6 can be expanded two times and SolarHub 64 can be expanded 6 times.

Technical Description:
SolarHub I6
• 5wp Solar Panel with 2.5m cable from panel to Hub
• SolarHub 2000mAH / 12v Lithium Battery Pack with 2 x 12v lighting jack, 1 x 12v auto socket, 2 x USB outputs
• 1 x 300 Lumen LED strip
• 1 x 5m cable from hub to strip
• User manual


The Solar Hub has five output sockets that deliver power;

Rear view solar hubi solar lights.

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