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Energy Storage

SolarShop supplies an excellent range of Solar Energy Storage options for On Grid and Off Grid Systems. Leisure, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial Power Storage Units and Containers along with Solar Panel Solutions.
Off Grid Power Container

Off-Grid Power Containers are plug-and-play, readily available off-grid energy systems in a box. We minimize the risks of installing off-grid power in remote locations by pre-assembling the best possible turnkey power storage system in a strong, insulated and air-conditioned shelter.

Our customers and partners receive a fully-functioning system without reliance on local storage system expertise and component sourcing, thus avoiding the unforeseen costs associated with building systems locally from scratch.

Off-Grid Power Container

We offer fully customised, insulated and air conditioned power containers for all industry applications.
The containers are fully integrated plug-and-play off-grid systems and with many advantages.

Main benefits:

  • Pre-wired, plug-and-play
  • Quick deployment
  • Cost saving on-site construction
  • High quality and durable
  • Complete energy independence
  • 50KW - 1MW storage capacity

The containerised solar generators can be deployed worldwide. We fit all systems in un-modified, standard shipping container (10', 20' and 40' foot) so we can dispatch the units as normal shipping cargo, keeping costs for transportation low. Everything is packed and stored safely for the journey and simply need re-fitting at the final destination.

Customised Products understanding the power consumption is critical for building a long-lasting off-grid power system. Matching the required energy to the type of system that's build, which is essential for building systems to last a long time. We provide system sizes for guidance, but we don’t do one-size-fits-all containers. The type of battery or component manufacturer used is determined by your precise needs and what is more cost-effective. These options are limited to quality products that we trust and know integrate well with other components in the container.

Expert Monitoring with two system monitoring products as standard, giving us full visibility of what is happening in the container at all times. Early detection of issues is critical to the longevity of the system. Proof of the system being managed correctly needs to be provided in the event of component warranty claims. Having experts keeping an eye on what is happening and suggesting remedial action when needed, minimizes the risk of equipment failure due to prolonged misuse.

Safe & Secure The use of a standard shipping container with an internal mounting structure helps us to further reduce the risks of possible damage to the equipment during transit and on site. Apart from the obvious security and weatherproof benefits of housing the system in a steel shipping container, components are kept cool with in-built air-conditioning units. The containers include an alarm and an extinguisher. Housing batteries in a container that is separate to other buildings poses less of an overall risk to property in the event of a battery fire.

Sourcing quality components and assembled in southern Germany, the difficult process of building these complex systems is carried out in the factory, not on site. The system is fully tested before being shipped, minimising the risk of delays caused by faulty equipment or missing parts.

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