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Integrated In Roof Solar Panels

Inroof Solar Panel Kits

Available New Year 2021

Stop thinking of Solar as an addition to your roof. Start thinking of Solar as your roof. Perlight IRT sets a new standard for the modern roof that embraces the traditional style of shingled tiles, updated for the 21st century.


Perlight IRT interlocking design provides supreme protection from the elements as well as peerless precision, clean lines and innovative appearance. Thanks to its shingled design, which mimics roof tiles, the timeless character of the traditional tiled roof is not only maintained but updated for modern times.


Perlight's IRT design is truly game-changing in its combination of strength & simplicity. Each IRT weighs only 8.95kg and can be installed or removed in under one minute per tile, whilst the interlocking design provides superior strength and wind rating.

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