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Energy Storage

SolarShop supplies an excellent range of Solar Energy Storage options for On Grid and Off Grid Systems. Leisure, Domestic and Commercial Battery Storage Units Trade and Commercial Solar Panel Solutions.
Imeon All In One Storage Cabinet

Available Jan/Feb 2021


X-Trem ESS is an all-in-one system for outdoor installation. It is perfectly adapted to extreme climatic conditions and integrates, in one single cabinet, all the components required for the optimal operation of a solar energy system. With output powers from 3 kW to 60 kW and parallel operation feature, IMEON X-Trem ESS can be used for electrifying small and large isolated sites as well as installations connected to the public electricity distribution network.

  • PV power from 2 kWp to 72 kWp
  • Energy storage from 7.2 kWh to 125 kWh
  • Up to 4 units can be paralleled
  • Full warranty up to 10 years
  • Ultra-simplified installation
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Imeon All In One Storage Cabinet Prices From
£6 930.00