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Post Date: 10 February 2017
Atlantis Energy, a division of marine renewables developer Atlantis Resources, has announced a partnership agreement with Natural Energy Wyre (NEW) to develop the first eco tidal hydro energy plant (eco THEP) in England on a barrage across on the Wyre estuary in Lancashire between Fleetwood and Knott’s End.
The UK Government’s recent review of the potential for tidal lagoon power by former Energy Minister Charles Hendry concluded that proceeding with a ‘pathfinder’ project as well as other smaller projects would be consistent with the development of the potentially important resource of tidal power around the shores of the UK.
The Wyre project, which has been under development for several years, comprises a 160MW tidal power plant capable of producing up to 400GWh of carbon-free power each year, coupled with flood protection. The Wyre eco THEP is to mimic actual tidal cycles, which should translate into minimal environmental disruption.
Spearheaded by Bob Long, Managing Director of NEW, the Wyre barrage project has been designed in collaboration with leading energy sector companies including Mott Macdonald, BAM Nuttall, Arcadis and Andritz Hydro.
Bob said: “This is a project that will provide flood protection to an area which will be increasingly vulnerable to rising sea levels. It is a project that offers huge opportunity for the regeneration of Fleetwood and the surrounding area and a chance to enhance the recovery of a previously seriously contaminated estuary.”
Tim Cornelius, CEO of Atlantis, added: “The Wyre project is an opportunity to develop an extremely cost effective tidal range project which represents excellent value for the consumer. The geography of the Wyre means that only a relatively small impoundment is required for the power output produced. This makes Wyre a very cost effective way to test the concepts of tidal range power; its location also offers the chance to offer multiple benefits to the local community and surrounding area through economic stimulus and habitat preservation.
“I believe our proven track record of development means that, together with NEW, we can bring this project to reality very quickly. This project is absolutely in line with Charles Hendry’s recommendations to build momentum in this new industry and with the Secretary of State’s ambition for affordable, reliable energy supply with a strong domestic supply chain focus. It also fits well with the Government’s stated Northern powerhouse strategy as well as contributing to the development and regeneration of our towns and cities.”

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