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Portable Energy Storage

Vehicle Power Hub

The Vehicle Power Hub is a fully integrated solution combining lithium battery, in vehicle DC-DC battery charger, integrated MPPT solar controller, 12VDC and USB outputs in a single portable and movable box.

Plug and play input and output Anderson connectors make install safe and easy and with supplied cables enable fast connection and removal from the vehicle when required. The Vehicle Power Hub uses IEC certified Lithium batteries (LiFePo4), meets transport requirements (UN38.3 and MSDS) and is CE certified.


Portable, the clean and safe Lithium (LiFePo4) battery provides high energy storage - burn less fuel and reduce CO2 emissions when running high loads for long periods. Fast, efficient in vehicle charging means less idling is required to maintain loads.

Flexible charging options from high Power AC charger (up to 40A), integrated 30A DC-DC charger for connection to alternator (inc EU6) and solar input up to 30A utilising the on board solar MPPT controller.

Plug and play Anderson connections provide multiple input/output configuration enabling fast and easy deployment ➢ Up to 150A DC output for direct connection to power inverter (up to 1800W).

Strong metal and ABS case with easy to install fixing system.

LCD control panel provides battery status and voltage.

Built in multi safety protection from BMS, battery isolator, fusing and circuit breaker.

2 x USB output and 2 x 12Vdc 10A sockets for device charging and powering 12V loads directly.

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