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Mono Plug-in Solar Kit

Plug in Solar kit 1

View 250 Watt Plug in Solar Panel Kit


Duo Plug-in Solar Kit

Plug in Solar Kit Trio

View 500 Watt Plug in Solar Panel Kit


Trio Plug-in Solar Kit

Plug in Solar Panel kit Duo

View 750 Watt Plug in Solar Panel Kit


Quad Plug-in Solar Kit

Plug in Solar Panel kit Quad

View 1kW Watt Plug in Solar Panel Kit


Setting the system up requires no experience.
You can have yours in the garden, on a patio or with a few simple fixings (which can be supplied at an extra cost) can be installed on a shed or pergola roof.
As long as the sun shines your Plug-in Solar system could be generating free electricity for you to use.

Solar Plug in Questions and Answers

It's as easy as 1-2-3
Plug-in SOLAR generates free solar power from sunlight. A plug-in SOLAR kit consists of three parts: a module, a frame and an inverter. Easy to assemble.

Where does the electricity come from?
That's easy to explain – a solar module consists of solar cells that are made of a semiconductor material. Once the sun's rays meet the solar module, particles in the material are set in motion, creating electricity. Before you can send this electricity into your homes main power supply, you need to change its form. That's what an inverter does. And the frame? The frame enables your plug-in SOLAR panel to be kept at an ideal angle to capture the sun's rays. All you need to do is assemble, plug it in, and you're done.

The great thing about Plug in Solar is that everyone benefits - you save on your electricity costs and contribute towards saving the environment.
How long does the plug-in SOLAR guarantee last?
The guarantee on the module is for twenty-five years, and twenty years onthe inverter.

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