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Solar Products in Bulk.

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Our Solar Products are available to purchase in bulk, including our complete grid Solar Kits.

Solar Panels in Bulk

1 - 3 Pallets /W
4+ Pallets /W
250W poly
BenQ 333W mono
270W mono
260W poly
310W mono
255W poly

Net Prices

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Excellent Container prices from 40p/W

250W Silver Poly 50kW Kits

4kW Solar Grid Connect Kits

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New Lower Prices on 12V solar panels.

12V Mini Packaged Solar Panels

Bulk Packed Premium 12volt Solar Panels – 5wp, 10wp, 20wp, 30wp, 45wp, 60wp, 80wp, 100wp, 120wp, 150wp

5 x  5 watt solar panel.

5 x 10 watt solar panel.

5 x 18 watt solar panel.

5 x 28 watt solar panel.
5 x 43 watt solar panel.
5 x 60 watt solar panel.

2 x 80 watt solar panel.

2 x 120 watt solar panel.

2 x 150 watt solar panel.

Technical Description:

  • Premium crystalline solar panels manufactured by Solar Tech Int
  • Toughened glass, aluminium frame, multi layered EVA rear, junction box
  • 10 year panel integrity warranty and 20year performance warranty
  • Our 5W and 10W solar panels have an in built blocking diode to prevent battery drain
  • Perfect for OEM’s incorporating solar PV panels into products, structures or other volume users looking for a best price solution
  • Panels supplied in bulk packs of 5 units for the 5wp to 60wp range and in packs of 2 for the 80wp to 150wp range

These solar panels are made to the highest quality standards of pv module production. All have achieved IEC61215, TUV quality certification.

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Grid Connect Solar Panels

More Solar Products available in bulk please contact us.

Solar products available in bulk.

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