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All Solar Panels over 18 watts will require a voltage regulator. Please refer to Charge Controllers for Solar Panels.
Solar Panels can supplement your on grid electrical requirements, please view our Solar Powered Electricity page for more information.






Solar Electric Panels

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Our range of solar electricity panels use the latest in cutting edge technology allowing you to capture the sun's energy and convert this solar power into electrical current to power a range of appliances. Our panels use crystalline silicon technology which is more efficient than amorphous or thin film solutions, particularly in lower light conditions found in the UK. All our solar panels are accredited with the internationally recognised IEC 61215 certification. All our Grid Connect panels hold MCS certificates to be able to claim the feed in tariff (FITs).

Off-Grid Solar Systems up to 20kW for remote applications or where too expensive for connection to national grid are available on request. Please contact us for a quote. Call 01256 352502

Offgrid Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels

Off Grid Solar Panel kits

Our range of panels extends from 5 through to 150 watts in power. Choosing the correct size of panel will depend on variables such as the power required by the appliances you require to power, length of use and hourly sunshine rates. Try our Solar Panel calculator.

Flexible Solar Panels

These kits are ideal for caravans, motorhomes and boats. They are tough and can easly be walked on once inplace.

Flexible Solar Panel Kits

Electricity Solar Panels for Grid connection.


solar Home Power Station

On Grid Electricity Solar Panels

Grid Connect Kits

All the parts needed for rooftop grid connection.

Solar Home Power Station

Simple to operate, all in one unit, designed to run 12v appliances or 240v appliances with the addition of an inverter.
Really useful for powering 12v garden lights, pumps etc.


Solar panel kits for motorhomes, caravans and boats.


Bulk Solar Panels

Rigid Solar Panel Kits

These solar kits are ideal for Caravans, MotorHomes and Boats with a more permanent fitting.

Solar Made Easy.

Plug in Solar Panels

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