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Salt Water Batteries

SolarShop supplies the Aquion Energy Storage Stack an excellent way to store your energy from Solar Panels. Trade and Commercial Energy Storage System Solutions.

Salt Water Batteries
Aquion Energy’s Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) batteries offer many benefits over traditional lead acid batteries, including longer system life in both deep discharge and partial state of charge applications, greater durability, lower maintenance costs, and increased sustainability. The AHI battery chemistry is optimal for any stationary, long-duration, daily cycling application, including off-grid and weak-grid microgrids, telecom systems, and residential solar. AHI products’ significant technological advantage over lead acid batteries results in vastly improved lifetime project economics for the end-user.

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AQUION S20P AHI Salt Water Battery Stack
Salt Water Powered Christmas Tree Lights
£1 227.95
£1 359.95