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SolarShop supplies a range of Battery Storage Systems OffGrid or OnGrid to Domestic and Commercial requirements. Renewable Energy from Solar Panels, Wind , Hydro and other sources can be stored and used when required.

SmartAim All In One Battery Storage System

Hybrid system SmartAim is an intelligent solution, which links up the production of green energy from renewable sources with its storage. Storing produced energy presents an optimal way of management with your own generated energy. It primarily enables you to cover the electricity consumption of your household or business at any given time, and even at a time of zero production. The brain of SmartAim forms patent granted technology. It ensures every kW of electricity is used where needed and offers home and business owners a real taste of independence. Read more about: SmartAim Energy storage system


  • Suitable for Residential, Commercial and fully Off-Grid applications
  • 1-PHASE and 3-PHASE models
  • Patented technology and software
  • Consumption priority management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Electricity available 24/7
  • Upgradable and scalable
  • Battery storage capacity up to 57.6kWh (residential applications)
  • Battery storage capacity up to 345.6kWh (commercial applications)
  • Straightforward and fast installation
  • Compatible with solar, wind, hydro and other installations
  • Remote control via mobile and tablet
  • Touchscreen display / Interactive app
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Central Monitoring Office (free 24/7 monitoring and repairs)
  • Designed & manufactured in Europe
  • Weather forecast analysis
  • Possibility to store energy surplus into hot water cylinder
  • Built-in solar PV Inverter
  • State-of-charge LED indicator
  • Enhanced battery management for longer battery life
  • Built-in 15kW vehicle charger
  • Energy consumption optimisation
  • Protection from power cuts
  • Fast delivery worldwide
  • Economy off-peak charging and on-peak electricity consumption
  • 15kW output (max. 90kW for commercial applications)
  • Safety / Emergency stop
  • Possibility to operate fully Off-Grid
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty


Energy storage SmartAim is a hybrid solution for storing green energy from PV solar panels, wind turbines and hydropower plants for later use day or night. It harnesses electricity generated by the renewable energy sources and intelligently distributes it around households and businesses.

The hybrid system not only allows simultaneous storing from a number of sources but also the utility grid. The brain of SmartAim forms a patent granted software. It ensures every kW of electricity is used where needed and offers home and business owners a real taste of independence. Energy storage range SmartAim is available in 1-phase as well as 3-phase models.


Although SmartAim looks like a small refrigerator on the outside, it can do a lot more than accumulate energy. Its patent granted software is the brain of the device and works just like our human brain does. It continuously analyses data about current solar production, consumption of the property and reliance on the grid. It then intelligently optimises energy consumption and distributes electricity where needed. Thanks to a special energy utilisation mode, it can increase battery life span by 15%. The patent includes not only the software but rather the whole system and its intelligent interaction with appliances and energy distribution.

In 3-phase models you can also select your priorities. Let’s say you are outside your property and know you want to, for example, charge your electric car when you return. You can set a priority on the interactive app and the software makes sure there is enough electricity for your electric car when you get back. It also takes into account the weather forecast. If the software predicts the weather will not be favourable in the coming days, it will adjust its consumption based on your priorities.


SmartAim has a modular battery system and therefore its capacity can be changed. It can be easily scaled up by adding additional battery packs inside the device. For an even higher capacity, spare battery racks are provided. A single device from our Supreme category can be scaled up to 57.6 kWh. The energy storage system can be further scaled up to a maximum capacity of 345.6 kWh. That is achieved by linking multiple SmartAim devices and their external storage racks together in parallel (6 x 57.6kWh = 345.6kWh).

SmartAim offers higher energy inputs and outputs, compared to other conventional energy storage systems on the market. That means it can handle the power demands every household or business requires without the help of the utility grid. One of the prime examples is power-demanding electric showers. A single SmartAim device has a maximum output of 15kW. However, it does not end there. When more devices are connected together, subsequently the total output increases as well by the number of devices employed. Our SmartAim system boasts a maximum output of 90kW (6 x 15kW = 90kW).

All units are also equipped with a SafetyStop for an immediate disconnection in the event of an emergency. Despite the sizable power it can generate, it remains remarkably quiet even at the peak of its performance.


Energy independence is based around harnessing and storing green energy. However, being able to do it from anywhere and everywhere takes that to a whole new level. The user-friendly app brings SmartAim to your fingertips anywhere you go. It helps you optimise your energy consumption and maximise your cost savings. You can visually monitor what your current consumption is, current energy generation, reliance on the grid and battery charge status. You can further adjust your battery mode or set priorities. The app has an integrated SafetyStop in the event of an emergency. Premium models also have an option to store energy into hot water cylinders. Every device is by default connected to the internet upon installation.


Energy storage SmartAim is maintenance-free and does not require regular checks. However, should the device experience any issue, it is communicated to the central maintenance office (CMO) via the internet. CMO deals with the issue accordingly. 95% of faults are resolved remotely. If the fault cannot be resolved remotely, CMO notifies you and sends out an engineer to physically inspect the device. Contact details of our UK based engineers can be found in the Repair and Maintenance section. The manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years on the product and 10 years on the batteries regardless of the number charge cycles.


Going fully green has not been easy. Some have attempted harnessing green energy through solar panels. However, the dilemma of installing solar panels these days is that your generated energy cannot be stored and flows back to the utility grid.

It is often the case that you buy electricity from your energy supplier in the morning at an in-peak rate. When you leave your house for work a couple of hours later you are selling the excess electricity from the panels at an off-peak rate. When you come back in the evening and the sun is about to set, you have to rely on the expensive grid again. SmartAim allows you to be fully independent and use your own green energy even at a time of zero production.

It also protects you from unexpected power cuts. When your neighbourhood experiences a power outage, your lights will stay on and you will not be able to tell the difference. This is particularly vital for businesses as it can save valuable data or even human lives in hospitals or airports.

Energy storage SmartAim is connected to the utility grid and one or more renewable energy sources (PV solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower plants and others) at the same time. This hybrid solution gives you peace of mind that you will never run out of electricity. It can however be fitted fully OFF GRID. This application would be suitable for areas with no power supply.

Our energy storage has the capacity to power the entire household or business with clean energy 24/7. It can also charge itself at cheaper electricity tariffs (commonly known as economy 7 or economy 10) and use the accumulated energy at a time when the cost per kWh is markedly higher. With SmartAim you will reduce your dependence on the utility grid and start making savings from day 1.


SmartAim is elegant not only on the inside but also to look at. Its elaborately thought-out design blends in with any surroundings and never looks out of place. It is also equipped with a touchscreen display that informs the user of the battery charge status, current consumption, current energy generation, total energy production and other performance statistics. Premium models have furthermore a built-in LED indicator for a fast, visual detection of the current battery charge status.


Energy storage SmartAim is a compact, all-in-one system and does not require further components. It includes batteries and a built-in inverter, which converts DC electricity from renewable energy sources into AC electricity needed to power households and businesses. It is often not the case in some other conventional battery storage systems on the market, where inverters need to be purchased separately. Premium models also feature integrated 15kW electric car chargers to charge your vehicles in three modes. Installing SmartAim has been made exceptionally easy as well, as it only features one power cable on the input and on the output.


Energy storage SmartAim is divided into 3 product categories: PRIME, SUPREME and NET. The product categories are determined based on 3 product characteristics: number of phases, maximum capacity and maximum output.

Basic description:

1-phase, max capacity 57.6 kWh, max output 10 kW from batteries + unlimited output from the grid

3-phase, max capacity 57.6 kWh, max output 15 kW from batteries + unlimited output from the grid, LED state-of-charge indicator, built-in car charger, possibility to store energy surpluses in the hot water cylinder.

3-phase, max capacity 345.6 kWh, max output 90kW from batteries + unlimited output from the grid, LED state-of-charge indicator, built-in car chargers, possibility to store energy surpluses into hot water cylinders.

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SmartAim PRIME All In One Single Phase Battery Storage System
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