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SolarShop supplies an excellent range of Solar Panels and Solar Products, including Solar Lights and Lighting Kits, Solar Powered Ventilation and Heating. Trade and Retail Solar Panels and Solar Products..

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Our range of Energy Storage Units are ideal for virtually anything from holidays to everyday home use and commercial applications.


Solar Powered Lighting allows you quickly and easily to install garden lighting wherever and whenever you require without the need of mains power.


Our range of Solar Panels use the latest in cutting edge technology allowing you to capture the sun's energy and convert solar power into electrical current.


SolarShop provides a wide range of Solar Products. Solar Water Features, Solar Well and Bore Pumps, Solar Carports and Pergola's and many more.


SolarShop provides various solar accessories like Cables, 12V Lights, Deep Cycle Batteries, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Solar Panel Mounting Kits, Stands and Brackets.


SolarShop Ventilation range reduces the humidity and the risk of mould formation, with Automatic regulation of air and heat supply and 100% cost free.

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Our vast range of solar products includes solar electric panels, flexible solar panels for boats motorhomes caravans, solar water heating solutions, solar lighting kits for remote situations such as outbuildings, stables, sheds and garages, solar water features to give a relaxing sound of running water in your garden, solar ventilation and extraction fans and much much more.


Solar Lighting
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Bring your garden to life with our great range of solar lighting which consists of solar garden lights, lighting kits and security lights. All of our solar garden lights are of the highest quality and built to deliver excellent and long lasting performance. Our lighting kits are an ideal way of providing light and electrical power to buildings such as sheds, workshops, summer houses, stables and any other building where installing a mains lighting system is not an option. Our SolarHub kits are easy to install, require no special tools and can be operating within an hour.

Solar lighting is a cost effective, hassle free way of bringing light to otherwise awkward places.

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